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Who is Eligible To Apply

    Eligible applicants include:

  • Any Reading resident who is currently a high school senior, OR is pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  • Any non-Reading resident who is a senior at Reading Memorial High School AND has been enrolled as a full-time student for a period of at least three years.

How To Apply

All applicants must complete the required forms, provide necessary information and meet the established deadlines. Applicants who do not comply, will be disqualified. Should an applicant be disqualified, notification is made by mail.

Complete Application Forms:
    1. Download the 2014 Scholarship Application Form - (no longer available for 2014).
    2. Complete the Student Scholarship Application Form.
    3. Mail the completed Application  NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 2014.
Application Supplement Forms:

All high school seniors and college transfer students will receive an Application Supplement from Reading Scholarship Foundation, Inc. These applicants are required to complete and return the Supplement by the date on the form.

Award Determination
Applications are held in strict confidence. Applications are numbered upon receipt and all family names are deleted to assure anonymity. The Awards Committee carefully reviews the information you provide on the application. Additionally, your family’s financial need is determined by the information on the FAFSA SAR.
Award Notification
All applicants meeting the requirements and deadlines will be notified in mid-May when a decision is made concerning their application. Applicants will be notified by mail whether or not they will receive a scholarship.

Award Presentation

Awards will be presented during a formal Awards ceremony, held by Reading Scholarship Foundation, on June 4th, 2014 at the Parker Middle School, Reading Memorial High School, Reading, MA.  Please refer to our Calendar for event date and time.

2014 Applications are available for download during the submittal time frame 12/5/13 - 03/07/14.

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